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TOMAGA - familiar obstacles - The Blank Tapes 06

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TBT006 - 2 Tracks - 53 Minutes

Side A:
Train For Owl; Hibernation Theme;
Lettere di Pezza; Central Position;
Fugue State In Marble; Ranty Gritface;
Central Position (reprise); Mantrap;
Belgian Renaissance; Over the Cracks;
Downpurge; The Knight with Four Hands;
Ostacoli Familiari

Side B:
Frog March; Brutal Gravity;
Microns in Amber Light; Bethnal Grey;
Special Bass Line for Alan;
Floated in Huge Letters; Biscuit Tin;
The Pegs and the Moon;
Adventure in Minor Scale;
Giant Cosmic Tear; Hackney Failures;
The New Distance; Closing Thrum

London based duo TOMAGA present 'familiar obstacles', a sprawling assemblage of over thirty compositions that channel the more diverse elements of their multifaceted sound world into a feverishly divergent blend.

If their debut album 'Futura Grotesk' is the wakeful thought form, familiar obstacles is the unconscious interzone, evoking numerous shades of their musical hinterland; the results fusing studio experiment, field recording, and tonal spectrum into something that by turns resembles musique concrete, imaginary soundtrack and library music.

Limited to 100 copies.

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