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Blank Editions is a Hackney based independent record label specialising in the documentation of music coming from in and around the Greater London area.

We release music through 3 catalogues.

  • The Solo Series - Limited edition 7's in hand assembled packaging from local artists.
  • The Blank Tapes - Mini albums, Extended plays and experimental work from local associates. These editions are released on cassette tape.
  • The Blank Community - An open ended series to service more official work by local bands and artists.


Distributed Items

On occasion we may carry some items not released by us.

These particular releases, although not released by Blank Editions have been carefully selected from associated labels and artists that we have worked with on some level and are heavily recommended.


We welcome demos and links to recordings / projects.

However, please note that we are for the very most part a regional label interested in documenting music from our hometown of London.

If you are working in London, please send your work to [email protected]

We do our very best to respond to every submission received.

Our art department is operated by David S.Blanco