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Niqab - Great White Overlord - The Blank Tapes 03

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TBT003 - 5 Tracks - 28 Minutes
The debut recordings from Hackney-based Niqab.

1. Great White Overlord
2. Kneecap
3. Pain Free
4. 27.02.14
5. --------

Niqab formed in Winter 2013, in London, after the demise of Edgar Smith's previous band Advert. With Ruby Mariani, Tim Garratt (Moon Zero), and a series of guitarists (Koichi Ymnha (Grimm Grimm); Danny Stead (Voyeurs); Noel Anderson (Satellites of Love) they made together what now dead monthly The Fly called 'Free Spirited Psychedelia veiled with noise'.

The songs concerned themselves with spectacle, surveillance and supremacy, and influences like Comets on Fire, MBV and Guided By Voices could be made out in the fields of guitar and tape hiss below.

Currently engaged with other projects, they occasionally record, play live and will continue to operate, although maybe with more
trepidation than before: the name seems to become more of a problem.

If it hadn't always been, events have made such a 'gesture of 'artistic solidarity'' look dubious, doubtless making whoever chose it feel naive, conflicted and hopeless.

The songs on side A were written towards the end of last year and recorded by the band in November in Cable Street Studios where they rehearse.

The band reconvened late in February to record the B side. To contrast with the tighter or more conventional song structures on the first side, they jammed freely for an afternoon and then, aided by Logic and a Fostex M80, went back over the material, cutting-up, rearranging and splicing it with field recordings.

These include a recording of band members being made redundant in January and a subsequent trip to Marrakech.

Limited to 84 copies.

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