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[ ] [ ] - War Room - The Blank Tapes 02

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TBT002 - 3 Tracks - 15 Minutes
This is a pre-Electricity In Our Homes project from 2006.

1. Gone
2. Battery
3. Whitechapel

Bonnie Carr began recording under the pseudonym of [ ] [ ] before forming the initial four piece Electricity In Our Homes line up with Charles Boyer, Paul Linger and Thomas Warmerdam in 2007.

Inspired by local musicians, EIOH drummer Paul Linger, Neils Children frontman John Linger and fellow EIOH bandmate Charlie Boyer, these songs represent a raw response to Whitechapel itself and the city's geographical lure.

Ethereal yet brutalist, [ ] [ ] feels like something you would unearth in a government administered reference library or unlock in the vaults of the BBC archive ( Where Bonnie incidentally worked at the time of these recordings )

Available for the first time in physical form.

Limited to 51 copies.

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