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Thurston Moore 7" : The Solo Series No 7

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Side A: Mx Liberty
Side B: Panik

We proudly present a brand new hand assembled limited 7" from our Stoke Newington neighbour, Thurston Moore.

As Mx Liberty raises its torch of truth and justice, the poet Radieux Radio and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth etc) unleash a punk rock broadside to the current man-boys of the USA government in response to their mockery of democracy:

Mx Liberty is not at home
She’s stepping out into a new zone
She climbs the fence to meet enemies
Who send their affectionate regards, please

The lyrics (included in a collage designed by Moore with this new 7-inch record, which also includes a pin badge,) describe Mx Liberty climbing over any and all fences with our so-called “enemies” in a radical heaven.

Recruit militias of
Punk angels shouting love
No loitered childhood
Take liberties that could
Wet paper when we write
Rebelles philosophy

Thurston, with members of his London based group, Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine), James Sedwards (Nøught) and Jem Doulton (Dead Days Beyond Help) recorded the music in a studio nearby the early ‘70s hq of Britain’s Angry Brigade on Amhurst Road, N16. This non-violent group of anarchists poets and writers of resistance remain a source of radical inspiration for Thurston & Radieux.

On the flip is “Panik” Thurston’s cover of one of the great generation zero punk rock records of all time. Originally recorded by the legendary group Metal Urbain from the 1977 streets of Paris burning with insolence and primal angst energy. It’s lyrics even more pertinent today in the face of contempo-demagoguery.



- Hand assembled Risograph foldover sleeve

- A4 Xerox lyric insert ( Designed by Thurston Moore )

- Pin Badge

- Download Code

This item is at pre-order stage and begins shipping in from mid Feb



Q - Why the price increase? All the other Solo Series entries were cheaper.

A- We feel that, The last thing we wanted to do was raise our prices...However a combination of escalating manufacturing rates and the ridiculous recent increase in shipping has truly left us no alternative. We will continue and attempt to keep our prices as low as possible and include shipping on all items listed, so you wont be charged anything extra.