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Only The Dawn Was Left Behind By The Storm - A Blank Editions Label Sampler

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Free label sampler highlighting catalogue entries from the last few years.
This is a free download.

Since our inception in 2012, We have dedicated ourselves to releasing our friends music. A focus on locality and the spirit of collaboration that comes from in and around the greater London area has allowed us to document and celebrate a unique community of artists working in close proximity to each other.

With this in mind we present our first label sampler which highlights catalogue entries from the last few years and further illustrates the connectivity of a group of artists connected to our great capital.

The sampler can be downloaded for free via the link below.

Download here

1. Housewives - New Dance

2. Ben Vince - Kangeroo Plaza

3. TOMAGA - Excerpt from familiar obstacles

4. Aathens - Ice Water

5. zeta - RAM

6. Dairy Classics - Done In

7. Yves - Whitesnake

8. COP - Nothing Special

9. Daniel Stewart - Fifth

10. Niqab - Great White Overlord

11. Mücha - and his fleeting sun.

12. ADSL CAMELS - Expansion Silence

13. Bruised Skies - Lights ( Feat: Moon Zero )

14. Elevator Fluids - Panorama Pavlos

15. Theo Alexander - Please Forget

16. Bark! Dead Summer - Piano Factory