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Neils Children - Serial Music # 1 - The Blank Tapes 01

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TBT001 - 10 Tracks - 22 Minutes

A1 Theme 1 (Variation 1)
A2 Theme 1 (Variation 2)
A3 Theme 2 (Variation 1)
A4 Theme 1 (Variation 3)
A5 Theme 1 (Variation 5)
A6 Theme 2 (Variation 2)
A7 Theme 1 (Variation 4)
A8 Theme 2 (Variation 3)
A9 Theme B
A10 Theme 2 (Variation 4)

This work represents a side of the band never before heard, concentrating on purely instrumental pieces and atmospheric mood music.

Recorded live in the band’s studio in Hackney, London, this collection represents a more personal and intimate view of Neils Children.

Influenced by library music and soundtracks, ambient soundscapes and field recordings, ' Serial Music # 1' isn't a follow-up to the group’s 2013 album 'Dimly Lit', rather it runs alongside it.

Incorporating the album's atmospheric interludes and improvised sections the music could be, to borrow a cliche, a soundtrack to an unimagined film or the backdrop to a nocturnal journey... Either way, 'Serial Music # 1' offers a glimpse of the band behind the band.

Limited to 69 copies.

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