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Ice Baths + Inchindown LP Bundle


Bundle includes
1. Ice Baths debut LP on Vinyl
2. Inchindown debut LP on Vinyl

Ice Baths - Self Titled album

1. Freighter
2. Island Of Dogs
3. Circuits
4. Naked Reflection
5. New Strappings pt. I
6. New Strappings pt. II
7. Replacer
8. Charnel House
9. Relic
10. Inhabitant

London based Ice Baths take influence from cult heroes such as Swell Maps, Television Personalities, Devo, US Maple – all restless energy and angled aggression. Lyrically there is a bleakness and darkness, though the band prefer the listener to reach their own conclusions as to lyrical themes. “They centre on feelings or imagery that can be dreary, dark, difficult and abstract. We deliberately pass the buck to the listener to pick out certain moods or feelings” explains the band (Alex Ives, Thomas Cleall, Ed Shellard & Jack Davis).

- 140 gram LP
- 2 X A5 Art Prints
- Download code of entire album
- Reverse board cover


Inchindown - Self Titled LP

1. Crofton
2. Ridley Road I
3. Ridley Road II
4. Celestile
5. Locus
6. Judge Penitent
7. Ridley Road III

'Inchindown' is the debut album from our neighbours, Tim Garratt (Moon Zero) and Matthew Heywood (Bruised Skies)

The self-titled debut album portrays a powerfully mournful, but beautifully stark work. The soundtrack to walking through a storm of ash, only to realise that the city is on fire and viewing this incredible spectacle from afar. It is a dark, yet somehow hopeful record and a focussed collaboration that expands upon their ambient solo work.

Pressing specification

300 copies

- 180g Vinyl
- A5 12 page Monochrome booklet
- A3 Risograph Print
- Download code of entire LP
- Black embossed envelope