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Housewives / Massicot Split 7"

£6.85 / Sold Out

Split 7” from Housewives (UK) and Massicot (Switzerland)

After sharing countless stages and touring together over the last two years, like minded noisemakers Housewives and Massicot put together two brand new songs for this limited edition split 7”.

Housewives track ‘Exc. 281016’ perfectly captures the mechanical repetition of their live sound with austere precision and jarring No Wave stutters; their regimented chaos is punctuated with throat shredding manipulated vocals brining to mind James Chance or the harsh repetition of Swans.

Massicots’ ‘Kokteilis’ shows off their ease at genre hopping between their recognisable Tropical No Wave and uncharacteristic hip hop beats whilst showcasing their perfect marriage of pop and noise. Monotone vocals merge with saccharine chants whilst sharp riffs mesh with oscillating percussion to create a perfect bewildering dance track.


Format: 7” / 45 rpm

Pressing: 1000 copies

Length: 8 Mins / 2 Tracks

Collaboration between 
Blank Editions / Hands In The Dark / Red Wig / Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? and Harbinger Sound

Vinyl package includes

- Reverse-board covers

- Spot Varnish

- Download Code

Artwork by Housewives own Joseph Rafferty