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Girls In Synthesis - We Might Not Make Tomorrow 7" E.P

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1. We Might Not Make Tomorrow
2. Sentient
3. Splinters and Rust
4. Tainted

Second 7" EP from our brothers and sister.

Formed in late 2016, Girls In Synthesis have quickly forged a fearsome reputation as one of the most exciting and volatile live acts in London. In equal parts frantic, considered, ear-splitting and melodic, the group take their cues from the early DIY punk and post-punk pioneers to keep everything in-house; artwork, videos, performances and recordings are created entirely by the group and their handful of trusted collaborators.

Musically, experimentation sees them transgress the punk bracket into something more original and unique while stage shows present a complete and controlled spectacle, with the group moving from playing on stage to dragging equipment into the audience. Desperately trying to remove the barrier between group and audience, the group perform bathed in a single stark white beam of light, while songs are interspersed with sampled dialogue taken from government nuclear survival videos and number station recordings.

The ‘We Might Not Make Tomorrow’ E.P sees the group following up last years ‘Suburban Hell’ E.P with an even more vitriolic, aggressive yet more sonically subtle collection of 4 songs. Lyrically sharper and more focused, vocal duties are split 50/50 between songwriters John and Jim whilst denser arrangements and production aesthetics offer glimpses of what could be in store for the group in future.



7" Package includes

- Black vinyl
- Hand folded & numbered 120gsm recycled paper A3 foldout sleeve featuring lyrics and exclusive poster artwork
- Hand stamped vinyl labels
- 12 page art and text booklet
- Digital download for the E.P

Sold Out
Shipping in late May 2018