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Douglas Hart - Let's Form A Cell 12" EP

£11.50 / Sold Out

1. Let’s Form A Cell
2. Sex, Psyche, Etcetera
3. Anywhere Out Of This World
4. Death On Credit


Mind-bending new release from Film Director and Founding Member of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Douglas Hart.

Following on from his sold-out debut 7” which we released in 2013, Douglas Hart returns to Blank Editions with a new 12” EP consisting of 21 minutes of new material.

Written and recorded at Utopia Studios in Primrose Hill between film shoot dates, the new EP utilises a more layered approach than the 7”. Four new instrumentals expand on the sound found on the debut.

Co-produced by Syd Kemp, the release is pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, and is housed in a 2-tone sleeve alongside 2 stamped envelopes with inserts, a cloth silkscreened patch and a download code.

Watch the video to Anywhere Out Of This World, here


Vinyl package contains:

- Inserts

- Stamped envelopes

- Silkscreened cloth patch

- Download code

- 180-gram vinyl

- 300 copies