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Charcoal Owls - The Coventry Campbell - The Blank Tapes 07

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1. Hospice Pics
2. Housebound and Proud
3. Cov Campbell
4. Open Wide
5. Mark Stone Rising
6. Mod Saturday
7. Leave Quietly

Charcoal Owls is Russell Walker from Pheromoans / Bomber Jackets / The Lloyd Pack and Tom Scott (Skire Music).

The Coventry Campbell, a kitchen sink homage to the now defunct Coventry Campbell pub, is the duo’s fourth release (preceded by two tapes and one full-length vinyl album, Tin Roof on Night School Records). The Coventry Campbell employs experimental field recordings, piano improvisations, and mostly acoustic instruments to create an intriguing and minimalistic atmosphere complimentary to Walker’s unique storytelling.

This new 28 minute recording is presented in a 180 gsm extended j card with a download code.

Limited to 75 copies.