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Ben Vince - The Purge - The Blank Tapes 09

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The debut album from London composer and
multi-instrumentalist, Ben Vince.

1. Anchoring
2. Seb
3. Elliptical Borders
4. This Too Shall Pass
5. In Range
6. Flotation
7. The Lodge, Ablaze
8. Cyclical Tendencies
9. The Purge
10. Love


We were introduced to Ben Vince and his work through
our mutual friends in Housewives who Ben had met at
Goldsmiths Art College in London several years ago.

The debut recordings found on The Purge are layered in
Tenor Saxophone melodies and drone which serve as
foundations that constantly evolve, turn and loop.

The entire recording pulses with warmth and soul as
jazz-inflected motifs and signatures create a launching pad
for experimentation that contain a post-punk familiarity yet
a maturity that is not often on display in debut recordings.

Recorded and produced by Ben Vince and mastered
by John Linger from Neils Children, The Purge has
been applauded by Charles Hayward and label mates,

Featuring artwork by Sam Hanner.

Listen to the track, 'Flotation' here


- Edition of 66 cassette tapes

- 10 Tracks | 58 Minutes

- Double Sided Full Colour J Card

- Download Code